Introduction to Team Ashoka Tree
Potrait of Biplab Hazra at Ashoka Tree
Marketing Executive
Mr. Hazra

After serving for almost 14 Years in various MNCs like IBM, SkyTech now he found himself more suitable as a Marketing Head at Ashoka Tree.
By living at a different time zone we get him around half of our working day. Though he spends more time with customers and less time with the team members from India.
With his brain storming different marketing strategy and customer services all of our customers are highly satisfied.
Digitization has made the Global Marketing easier.

Potrait of Subrata Thayal at Ashoka Tree
Mr. Thayal

Subrat is at the center of everthing.
He collaborates with all the different member's works as a team also integrates our Development, IT Operation, QA - everything into a single process. With his effort Ashoka Tree has been upgraded into automation and continuous delivery.
Apart for all these he also takes care of Continuous Integration, Deployment, Continuous Learning, Individual Empowerment, adopting Emerging Technologies so on.
In a single line to say "He looks after the complete picture!"

Potrait of Bandana Singh at Ashoka Tree
Marketing Executive
Dr. Bandana

As a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Versiti Blood Research Institute Investigator Magdalena Chrzanowska, PhD, Bandana Singh, PhD, researches the basic concepts involved in cardiovascular biology.
She is guiding us on Marketing in the USA as a part-time to grow Business. Pre sales, post sales and account management teams for customer evangelists to create PR, media and marketing opportunities are under her surveillance. Apart from serving matching products to customers she takes care of Service Management too.

Potrait of Sudipta Roy at Ashoka Tree as a Web Designer & Animation Expert
Designer & Animation Expert
Miss Sudipta

"A designer is a planner of an aesthetic sense" - this line is pluperfect for Sudipta. While continuing her study for UG on English Literature, she shows her magical ability on different types of arts including web design, graphic design, animation and VFX. Her inborn addiction on creativity and art leads to achieve the title of "State Champion (2016)", "Block Champion" for 6 times and many more awards. Turning imagination into reality is a play to her. Believes in motto that "An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail". She is such as a dark horse and eager beaver to us.

Potrait of Nirmalya Mondal at Ashoka Tree
Technical Architect
Mr. Mondal

15 Years and counting in Web Technology. Mostly into Backend Development, training juniors, getting familiar with upcoming technologies, upgrading existing site, migrating technology, attending various Tech conferences, going abroad to support various projects and and many more.
Worked with various MNCs in India, Europe and USA at the early stages of his career.

Potrait of Pranab Ojha at Ashoka Tree
Technical Architect
Mr. Ojha

Pranab is working with Web Technology since last 12 Years as a coder.
As years increased with his knowledge & became a mentor on Development process. Worked with different PHP based CMS, LMS, Framework, Applications, Web Services (specially Amazon), Third-Party integration. Javascript based appliation frameworks like Node, React, Angular & Vu.
When customer assign him a new technology his tech efficiency proves that the term is just new but the technology is not. Serving customers with complex web technologies has become a passion for him.

Potrait of Maharshi Chakraborty at Ashoka Tree
Senior Developer
Mr. Chakraborty

A fresh and experienced brain in the feild of Computer Technology. Having mastered in Computer Science has served as subject expert for various companies. Also sharing his knowledge by writing blogs and by involving in different tech communities. Spending more time in studying he is familiar with upcoming technologies. Being a sports person and an excellent crickter he is pro active and works by putting his best.

Potrait of Sudip Samanta at Ashoka Tree
Software Engineer
Mr. Samanta

After finishing Masters - Sudip believes Ashoka Tree is the best place to a bright future of learning & earning.
By staying close to the office, he is always not only on time in office but his task's delivery too.
Sometimes he made everyone wondered with his tech skill & proves that "Junior" title doesn't suit him anymore. It seems his passion & hobby both reflects on his work.

Potrait of Swastika at Ashoka Tree
UI, UX & Frontend Expert
Miss Bosu

"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work" - is the best sentence to describe her.
Being a Web Designer Swastika not only performs a PSD designing job, but also develops wireframes, user research & collaborate with developers to create intuitive, user-friendly software.
Her visually appealing design always praised by our esteemed customers.

Potrait of Arindam Shitt at Ashoka Tree
QA Analyst
Mr. Arindam

Arindam is famous for his Music not for his QA job. He has been attached to Music since childhood and to QA for just a year or so.
He is also a learner of different QA tools along with the basics of programming languages.
He checks the quality through different types of operating system and resolutions and try to make the website most perfect.
It's a good combination of Musician and Analyst.

Potrait of Biswajit Mondal at Ashoka Tree
Hardware & Network Engineer
Mr. Biswajit

Biswajit is maintaining and administering computer networks, related computing environments including systems software, applications software, hardware, and configurations. Also protecting data, software, and hardware by coordinating, planning and implementing network security measures.
Working with Mr. Thayal in deployment and server configuration.
In his 7 years of career worked as a Hardware & Network Engineer for Asus, Dell & MSI.

Potrait of Mahadev Sautya at Ashoka Tree
Office Manager
Mr. Sautya

He is like the Backend of our System if we consider ourselves as Frontend.
Mr. Sautya not only takes care of the office, but also takes care of everyone. All the decisions are taken by him regarding internal matter including finance.
And yes, one thing here should be mentioned that he is our content writer & helps Ashoka Tree on some SEO jobs and documentation related to the office.

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